Latin America Arts Tour

Spanish Dual Language

Let’s embark on an artistic adventure and journey through various Spanish-speaking cultures and countries! Students will discover and explore new cultural traditions, artistic practices, unique dances, and local languages while building their English and Spanish vocabulary and comprehension.

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Come Alive with Stories & Movement

Take the leap into stories and dance by going on imaginary adventures! Literature will lead you to creative art and poetry projects. Music will inspire you to learn salsa, merengue, cumbia, and hip-hop. From transforming books into creative visions to breaking down steps and routines, you’ll explore our wondrous world to create your own artistic visions. 3 – 5

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SMART – Science, Math, and Art

Utilizing a variety of resources, students will gain a understanding of how science, math and art can all collide to make a unique learning experience. Through the use of hands on resources students will gain a deeper understanding of plants, animals astronomy, light, sound, properties of matter, magnetic forces, energy and much more.

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3D Printing

Welcome to the fascinating world of 3D printing! Students are introduced to the software and hardware of this new cutting-edge technology. They will design, collaborate, and think critically to make their designs come to life.

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Computer Wizards and Beyond!

Students will engage in subjects such as English Language Arts, Science, Arts, Movement, and Social Emotional Learning, while developing their overall computer skills.Students will practice typing, use safe internet research techniques, and learn positive habits and tips to make the most out of their time on the computer.

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The Hero’s Journey

Come and discover the hero’s journey as you learn about theater arts, English, and history! Class combines the elements of reading and writing during English with the theatrical, storytelling elements of the hero’s journey throughout literature along with tales of real-life adventurers, heroes, and heroines throughout history. Students will be incorporating skills they learn from all three subjects to create and perform their own play together!

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