San Rafael

Grades K-6
1090 Nithsdale Rd., Pasadena, CA 91105

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You will choose one main class for the day – it will be your child’s base for a vibrant summer day. Through added elements of art, science, and/or movement, each class will be a full and rich experience – one that offers deep learning, but most of all, fun.

K-2 Intro Classes

Grades 3-6

Introduction to First Grade Spanish Immersion

Reinforces the reading, math, and language skills learned in the kindergarten year of PUSD's Spanish Immersion Program. Class is open to any student who has already completed one year of a Spanish Immersion Program. Students must be six years old by Sept. 1, 2021.

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Introduction to Kindergarten Spanish Immersion

Designed to prepare students entering into PUSD’s Spanish Immersion Program, students will have fun learning basic instructions and vocabulary in Spanish. Activities will involve language arts, mathematics, art, and music.

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Tennis Camp

Learning the fundamentals of tennis such as footwork, grip, and stance, are essential to becoming a competitive player, but it's only the beginning in this tennis camp! As players build on basic strokes, practice their serve and return serve, and put their skills to the test playing against each other, they will study and reaserch the game of tennis, journal their findings, learn about healthy habbits, and even participate in yoga!

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Science Secrets Revealed (English & Spanish Dual Language)

Students will examine key scientific concepts, and explore physical earth and life science through exciting activities such as creating volcanoes and studying Jurassic fossils. They will create a daily project as a record of their learning. English & Dual Language.

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Mastering Math (Spanish Dual Language Only)

Students will discover the joys of learning math by engaging in creative, hands-on activities.  They will reinforce their use of basic math skills and learn strategies to boost their confidence in a fun and supportive environment.

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Art through the Ages

Explore the styles and techniques of artists from around the world! Students will learn about the elements of art and create their own masterpieces by using techniques artists have used throughout history.

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Art Studio

Design and fabricate your own clay pots, mosaic artworks, and even your own jewelry! Students will learn the history and vocabulary of these arts in this fun-filled, creative class.

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Festival of Stories (Spanish Only)

Through the use of verbal expression, body language, improvisation, and other techniques, students learn the ancient art of oral storytelling. Students will discover their own unique talent and expressiveness as they "command the stage" and bring characters to life. Spanish only .

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English Language Detectives

By principal recommendation only. Use your detective skills to hunt for context clues and discover new vocabulary. English language learners will be immersed in a supportive environment with an emphasis on reading and writing. Engaging games and daily discussions will prepare students for proficiency in English.

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