Tennis Camp

Learning the fundamentals of tennis such as footwork, grip, and stance, are essential to becoming a competitive player, but it’s only the beginning in this tennis camp! As players build on basic strokes, practice their serve and return serve, and put their skills to the test playing against each other, they will study and reaserch the game of tennis, journal their findings, learn about healthy habbits, and even participate in yoga!

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Innovation Club

Invent, sketch, create, engineer, code, and explore how things work in this project-based class. Students will use the Engineering/Design Process to explore LED lights, vibrating motors, rockets, airplanes, race cars, boats, pinball machines, catapults, zip lines, structures, bridges, and so much more!

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Find your joy and learn about yourself and others through dance/movement, music, writing, visual art and even ceramics! Spark your imagination by creating unique compositions in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, illustration, and comics. Each day will include core practices of mindfulness and deep breathing. This class is a haven for self-discovery.

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