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Don Benito

This is an archive of courses from last year’s PEF Summer Program. Stay tuned for next year’s courses to be released in early 2025!

3700 Denair St, Pasadena, CA 91107

Kinder – 1st Grade students can enroll in Self-Contained/Intro classes, which prepare them for a successful start to the upcoming school year. Students will spend the entire morning in one class with the same teacher.

2nd – 6th Grade students pick three Block schedule classes to move between throughout the morning.

Enrollment is based on the grade a student will be entering in Fall 2024.

Note: Course options might change based on enrollment.

Self-Contained Intro Classes (K – 1)

Class NameDescriptionMaterials FeeGradesSubjects
Intro to Kindergarten

Children prepare for kindergarten by engaging in language arts, mathematics, art, and music. This fun introduction enhances their readiness for both the social and academic settings of elementary school. Students must be five years old by Sept. 1, 2024.

Intro to First Grade

Designed to help ease the transition from kindergarten to 1st grade, students will engage in creative, thematic activities that reinforce reading and mathematics. As students are introduced to a 1st grade curriculum, they will gain skills for academic success. Students must be six years old by Sept. 1, 2024.

1First Grade
Intro to Kindergarten – Mandarin

Designed to prepare students entering into PUSD’s Mandarin Immersion Program, students will have fun learning basic instructions and vocabulary in Mandarin. Activities will include language arts, mathematics, art, and music. Students must be five years old by Sept. 1, 2024.

KKindergarten, Mandarin
Intro to First Grade – Mandarin

Reinforces the reading, math, and language skills learned during the kindergarten year of PUSD’s Mandarin Immersion Program. Class is open to any student who has already completed one year of a Mandarin Immersion Program. Students must be six years old by Sept. 1, 2024.

1First Grade, Mandarin

Block Classes (2 – 6)

Filter by grade level using the drop-down menu.

Class NameSubjectsDescriptionMaterials FeeGradeshf:tax:grade
Island SurvivalLanguage Arts

*NEW!* Come learn what it takes to survive on an island! Through project-based learning, students can develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills. They can build their creative capacity with lessons including reading, writing, math, and science, plus lifelong skills for survival in the real world.

$102, 3, 4, 5, 62 3 4 5 6
The Hero’s JourneyArt, Drama, Music

Come and discover the hero’s journey as you’ll learn about theatre arts, literature, and storytelling! Class combines elements of theatre and acting with reading by learning about the hero’s journey plot structure and writing by developing our very own script! In addition, students will hear tales of real-life heroes and heroines throughout history. Join this adventure that cultivates creativity, collaboration, and confidence and culminates in their very own play performance!

2, 3, 4, 5, 62 3 4 5 6
Make Your Mark!Art, Drama, Music

Let your imagination soar by creating various art projects inspired by diverse, contemporary artists. This course is designed to promote personal self-esteem and self-expression. We will be using materials like paint, watercolors, oil pastels, markers, clay, and fabrics.

$102, 3, 4, 5, 62 3 4 5 6
String Orchestra [Beg./Int.]Art, Drama, Music

Students will continue to practice with string instruments they began learning about in elementary school, like the violin, viola, cello, and bass, culminating in a performance at the end of the program. Instruments provided. At least one year experience preferred, but not required.

4, 5, 64 5 6
Marching Band [Beg./Int.]Art, Drama, Music

*NEW!* Students will continue to practice with instruments they began learning about in elementary school, and gain exposure to the real concert and marching band experience that awaits them in middle school. Instruments provided. At least one year of experience is preferred, but not required.

4, 5, 64 5 6
Guitar Band [Beg./Int.]Art, Drama, Music

Rock out in this course designed for the young musician and learn the basics of the guitar. Instruments provided. No experience needed.

3, 4, 5, 63 4 5 6
3D PrintingScience, Technology, Engineering, Math

Welcome to the future! Students will be introduced to the software and hardware of this ever-expanding technology, and will learn to design, collaborate, and think critically to make designs come to life.

$103, 4, 5, 63 4 5 6
Coding 101 [Beg.]Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

*NEW!* Students will learn the basics of coding using Scratch, a block-based visual programming language. This beginner-level course will engage students to learn the basics of coding to create web-based games, and to collaborate with other students as part of the design process. Course will end with students presenting a capstone of one of their projects.

3, 4, 5, 63 4 5 6
STEAM 360Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

From LEGOs to cardboard, let’s build! STEAM 360 will include science, technology, engineering, art, and math through exploration and building projects using a variety of materials. This 360 course will support students’ conception through design to finished product using their imaginations.

$102, 3, 4, 5, 62 3 4 5 6
Team SportsHealth and Fitness

A class designed around movement, teamwork and core P.E. skills, like throwing, balance, agility, and more. We will use sports to help build strength and confidence, and we’ll work as team members to improve and practice great sportsmanship during movement.

2, 3, 4, 5, 62 3 4 5 6

How to Choose Classes

  • Get ready to register by reviewing the class descriptions and schedules at each campus.
  • Make a list of your class choices and one or two backups in case the class you want fills up.
  • Use the class grid (at the top of this page) to figure out which class you want to take in each block. Some classes are only available in one block, and the same class might be open to different grades from one block to another.
  • If a block class you want is full, please pick another class and complete the registration process. For self-contained classes, you can join a waitlist directly from the registration site.
  • After you have completed registration, you can’t change your registration directly. Please visit to request a different class. Requests are subject to availability.